Policy Outline

This outline is intended to provide a broad outline of the party’s position on significant issues to guide our policy development process and help supporters to decide if this is a party they want to join.

More detailed policy is currently being developed and will be released in the coming months.

Our vision is a clean, green New Zealand.
Our mission is to promote sustainable, prosperous communities.

The challenges we face are urgent and the environment can’t wait. We will make a real difference by 2021, one that can be sustained.

Our top 3 priorities

  1. Our top priority is safe, healthy water that sustains life. 
  2. To save our native species from extinction. 
  3. We will create sustainable economic growth.

Clean, Safe Water

  • We will clean up our freshwater and target reduction of sedimentation and run-off through improved land management.
  • We will create a Minister for Water to coordinate all the councils, health boards and government departments that manage water.
  • We will invest in improvements to stormwater and wastewater treatment.
  • We will ask councils to work with each other to improve efficiency.
  • We will support all commercial marinas to have safe hull cleaning facilities.


  • We will put cameras on fishing vessels and incentivise sustainable fisheries.
  • We will consult on establishing more ocean sanctuaries.
  • We will invest in our navy and air force to defend our Exclusive Economic Zone and protect our oceans.

No More Extinctions

  • We will invest a billion dollars in conservation.
  • We will fully implement the new Biodiversity Strategy and National Policy Statement on Indigenous Biodiversity.
  • We will fund community groups and farmers to control pests and weeds.
  • We will set aside land that is a significant habitat.
  • We will support scientific advances in pest, weed and disease control.
  • We will aggressively combat wilding pines and other plant pests.

Read our full conservation policy here.

Reducing Waste

  • We will apply the provisions of the Waste Minimisation Act 2008.
  • We will introduce product stewardship to reduce waste at source and progressively put in place an 85% plus recovery standard.
  • We will apply a comprehensive landfill levy shifting the cost from ratepayers to waste producers.

Animal Welfare

  • We will establish a Parliamentary Commissioner for Animals to prevent suffering.
  • We will fund scientific research into new pest control methods.
  • We will make microchipping of cats and dogs free and universal.

Reducing Emissions

  • We will establish a Climate Change Commission and follow their advice to reduce global emissions and put a fair price on carbon.
  • We will subsidise new technology to minimise emissions.
  • We will work to double the amount of renewable electricity before 2050.
  • We will stop the use of coal to generate electricity.
  • We will phase out the use of coal for industrial process heating.
  • We will work with farmers to be world-leading in sustainable farming.
  • We will ‘offset’ our methane emissions through forestry.


  • We will promote sustainable economic growth enabled by improved productivity.
  • We will work to transition the economy to be more sustainable both financially and environmentally.
  • We will make New Zealand a place where talent wants to live by accelerating the application of science to business innovation.
  • We will tax ‘bads’ like pollution, waste and over-consumption to take the pressure off ‘goods’ like income, savings and profits.


  • We will introduce variable congestion charges for private transport in urban areas.
  • We will reallocate road space to enable safe transport choices.


  • We will protect fertile and versatile soils and wetlands from development.
  • We will stop new housing development in flood-prone areas.
  • We will reform the planning regime for a simpler set of enforceable rules.


  • We will make sure the infrastructure is in place to develop housing where people want to live.
  • We will enable progressive shared ownership by tenants of state housing.
  • We increase community housing for families with an option of shared equity.

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