Why has MMP in NZ failed to deliver?

A troubling phenomenon continues to unfold in NZ under its system of Mixed-Member Proportional (MMP) voting. Contrary to its intent it has become a system that is undemocratic, distorts voting behaviour, and prevents the rise of new political forces. Why has MMP in NZ failed to deliver? MMP The Theory: The idea was that by denying absolute power to any one party – in effect, requiring parties to negotiate and compromise on key policies – the MMP system would force governments to become more accountable and consensus-driven. A bonus was that by giving greater power to minor parties, MMP would…

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Putting UBI theory to the test

We took TOP’s UBI for a test drive and it was found (seriously) wanting View or download this article in PDF or DOC format. Given all the bold claims surrounding it, we decided to put TOP’s UBI through its paces.  Unfortunately, the results were gravely disappointing. Not only will it fail to deliver on its promises but, in our view, this policy achieves the opposite to what is intended. We found that instead of reducing poverty and diverting money away from housing into more productive assets, the proposed program would: See low-income earners, in most cases, no better off and; Super annuitants…

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Cameras on fishing boats non-negotiable — SNZ

“New Zealand First could still put the brakes on the extension of cameras on more fishing boats, depending on the outcome of the election.” — Radio NZ News The Greens will be powerless to stop them, choosing instead to make funding a private school their die in a ditch issue. For Sustainable New Zealand, cameras on commercial fishing vessels are non-negotiable. #VoteSustainable

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Tragedy in the East China Sea highlights why live export must be banned

Statement – Sustainable New Zealand Party Tragedy in the East China Sea highlights why live export must be banned We now have confirmation that the livestock carrier ship Gulf Livestock 1 has sunk in the East China Sea. 43 crew, including 2 New Zealanders, were on board and just one crew member has been found alive. Our deepest sympathies go to the families of the crew. The 5,800 cows on board the boat – which were likely all pregnant – have died one of the most terrifying deaths imaginable yet this is only mentioned as a footnote in media reports….

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